Guidelines for Standing Up to POTS Research Fund Grants

Founded in 2014, Standing Up to POTS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is run 100% by volunteers.SUTP Research Grants  Our mission is to investigate quality of life issues, implement research-based initiatives to improve quality of life for people with POTS, and accelerate public awareness.  

The Standing Up to POTS Research Fund supports and encourages research that can lead to improved quality of life for POTS patients. The fund provides monies for research leading to publication or public presentation, and for purchase of necessary items for research.  Awards up to $20,000 shall be made with the approval of a majority of the Board, and board members shall not vote on their own funding requests. Each request must be limited to 5 pages, and can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The grant application is due on February 1, 2018, and should include the following:   

Section I: Applicant information (complete for each author)

  • Names and institutional affiliations of lead researchers
  • Brief listing of professional qualifications to conduct this research project
  • Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

Section II: Description of the research project

  • Executive summary describing goals, methods, and anticipated outcomes
  • Background information relevant to the proposed project
  • Specific methodology for data collection
    • Recruitment strategies to get people into the study
    • Target participants (sex, age, diagnoses, etc.)
    • Groups (if applicable)
    • Description of experimental protocol
  • Itemized budget, including total funds requested.
    • If requesting to pay a research assistant, please outline their
      • Responsibilities for your research 
      • Percent effort toward this research project
      • Amount of time they will give to this project
  • Tentative schedule of research progress, including beginning and end dates for this two year grant. 
  • Any special issues or problems that the Board should consider
    • If writing for another nonprofit, please give name of organization, year founded, current operating budget, copy of annual report and tax ID number
    • Other funding sources for this project


Requests for grants from the Board should be made in the amount of actual expenses, taking into account additional sources of funding for which the applicant is applying.  Examples of appropriate funding requests include equipment costs, expendable materials (primers, gloves), blood tests, and payment of research assistants. 


Authors will be notified in writing of the decision of the Standing Up to POTS Board regarding the funding status of the submitted grant within 30 days after the grant deadline.

If funding is approved, payments will be divided into three allotments to be used when needed during the 24 month granting period.

  • Standing Up to POTS will mail a check within 30 days of receiving official confirmation of Institutional Review Board (or another ethics board) approval for the project. Grant recipients must also sign a financial agreement prior to the disbursement of any funds. 
    • First payment: 50% of total amount granted
    • Second payment: 25% of total amount granted when receive brief budget/receipts showing initial funds have been appropriately spent
    • Third payment: final 25% of the total amount granted when receive brief budget/receipts showing funds have been appropriately spent
  • Any previously dispersed funds not spent by the end of the grant period will revert immediately to Standing Up to POTS via check or PayPal.
    • A grantee may request (in writing, and no later than the report deadline) a continuation of the project for funds not expended. Requests for extension should include a report on the project thus far, the reason an extension is being requested, and a plan for the completion of the project. The Board will review the request and make its recommendation to continue or discontinue support.
    • Only one extension will be granted.
  • Within one month from the termination of the grant period, the grantee shall submit a written report to the Board, which includes a(n)
    • Account of the results of the research to date
    • Financial statement covering the funds expended
    • Lessons learned during the course of the research project
    • Copies of any written work resulting from the grant (e.g. abstracts presented at conferences, journal articles)
  • Those who are delinquent in reporting will receive lesser consideration for later funding requests. 

Standing Up to POTS shall be listed as a funding source in all publications and presentations resulting from this project.

At least one copy of any publication or materials shall be filed with the Standing Up to POTS Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when published, even if past the end of the grant period.  Those able to publish articles as a result of this grant will be more likely to receive funds in the future.