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Standing Up to POTS Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Standing Up to POTS Research Fund

Standing Up to POTS is dedicated to funding research that will help to improve the quality of life for people with postural orthostatic tachycardia (POTS) now.  The Standing Up to POTS Research Fund supports and encourages research that can lead to improved diagnosis and treatment for POTS patients. The fund provides monies for research leading to publication or public presentation by people in the medical or research communities.  For more information, click here.

Publishing Original Research and Awareness Articles

Standing Up to POTS is actively writing and submitting manuscripts to broaden the awareness about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome in both the medical community and general public.  We are proud to run our own independent research projects that result in publication in scientific journals.  We are also thrilled to be wirting articles in other venues to help increase awareness in the general public.  Please click here to see a full listing of our publications.

Raising Awareness in Thrivent Magazine, a Fortune 500 Company

Lily and Kate Pederson's book, My Life with POTS, was spotlighted in the Meet the Member Section of Thrivent Magazine in December, 2015.  The book chronicles Lily's two year struggle with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome from her own perspective.  The success of this book in fundraising for POTS research and the support of Thrivent was the cornerstone for the creation of our non-profit organization.  We were honored that Thrivent gave Lily the cover of the magazine as well.  Delivered to 1.2 million homes across the United States, we are thrilled to have POTS spotlighted in this way. To read or print a .pdf version of the article, please click here.My Life with POTS cover

Thrivent Cover

Thrivent Meet the Member to read

Support groups for people with POTS 

Illness becomes WellnessStanding Up to POTS on Facebook

This closed Facebook group is for adults with POTS or parents experiencing POTS through their children. This intimate group shares provides support to its members on their bad days, and cheers for the small accomplishments that mark progress. Links to the latest press releases and POTS research are also shared in this group. Click Standing Up to POTS - we would love to have you join our community!

Standing Up to POTS: Teen Support on Facebook

This closed Facebook group is only for teens and college students who are battling POTS. Adolescents with POTS have unique issues related to school, peer pressure, and dealing with family that adults don’t have. We started this group to allow teens to talk with each other about these issues to decrease isolation and increase a sense of community. We are eager to add more teens to this group!  Teens and college students, click Standing Up to POTS: Teen Support to join our online community.


6th Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K/2K, October 5, 2019

POTS families 2019We had a beautiful morning for the event this year! Once again, approximately 170 people gathered on Wittenberg's campus for this event, and we raised over $14,000 for the Standing Up to POTS Research Fund. One of the best parts of this event is watching POTS families connect with each other, and renew acquantainces made in past years.  Thanks to all of our POTSies who come year after year!  A special thanks to our Presenting Sponsor: Matt Buehrer of Thrivent Financial.  We would like to thank all of our corporate sponsors this year: Wittenberg University, Community Health Foundation, Martin, Browne, Hull and Harper PLL, The Solomon Group, Allstate - Tina Bailey, State Farm - Larry Hines, Mindful Massage & Bodywork, and Meijer.

5th Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K/2K, October 20, 2018

POTS families 2018Thank you to all who made this event the best one yet!  Approximately 170 gathered on Wittenberg's campus to connect with one another as we raised money to support POTS research.  We raised over $16,500 at the event.  A special thanks to all of you who supported us through participation or financially, including our corporate sponsors: Thirvent Financial - Matt Buehrer, Wittenberg University, Community Health Foundation, Comfort Living, Chronic Pain Partners, Allstate - Tina Bailey, Merchants National Bank, Whitacre Pharmacy, State Farm - Larry Hines, Mindful Massage & Bodywork, Clingman Insurance, Speedway, Meijer, and the Donahey Law Firm. 

4th Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K/2K October 7, 2017

POTS families 2017Standing Up to POTS had another great event on Wittenberg's campus.  More than 150 people gathered on Saturday, October 7 to connect with nearly 20 other families living with POTS, get some exercise, and raise some awareness about this disorder.  We raised nearly $12,000 at the event, all of which will be used to fund POTS research.  Thank you to all who supported us, including our corporate sponsors: Wittenberg University, Thivent Financial, Community Health Foundation, Comfort Living, Dr. Gary Thomas DDS, First Ohio Home Finance - John Balzer, Chronic Pain Partners, State Farm - Larry Hines, Meijer, and Kroger.



3rd Annual Standing Up to POTS 5K September 2016

POTS familiesPartnered with Wittenberg University's Pre-Health Club, Standing Up to POTS had its biggest and best 5K to date by all measures.  Almost 300 people gathered on Saturday, September 24 to get some exercise and make a strong statement of support for the POTS community.  We had 12 POTS families represented at this event who had a chance to mingle and exchange stories with others who understand the trials of living with chronic illness.  This fall we raised almost $14,000 to benefit Standing Up to POTS as we work to improve the quality of life for people with POTS.  Thank you to all who supported us, including our corporate sponsors: Thrivent Financial, Wittenberg University, Kohl's, Merchants National Bank, Comfort Living, Kroger, Ohio Solar Electric, Kreider and Krogg DDS, and Coldwell Banker Heritage Roediger.

Standing Up to POTS 5K Walk/Run April 2016

T shirt design 2016Standing up to POTS was thrilled to be the beneficiary of a 5K Walk/Run that was coordinated by the Pre-Health Club of Wittenberg University.  Nearly 100 people joined together on a snowy, blustery Saturday morning on April 9, 2016.  While the weather was cold, our hearts were warm.  Families living with POTS joined together for the event and to meet others who understand life with chronic illness.  Some ran, others walked, and a few rolled their way toward the finish line in their wheelchairs.  We raised over $12,000 at the event.  Thanks to all who supported us, including our corporate sponsors: Wittenberg University, Thrivent Financial, Comfort Living, Dr. Keith Boor MD, Dr. Gary Thomas DDS, Meijer, Dhingra Orthodontics, Law Office of John M. Spencer, Springfield Fire and Rescue, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Kreider and Krogg, DDS, and State Farm - Larry Hines.


 Standing Up to (Run For) POTS 2015

T shirt design finish lineThe Standing Up to POTS 5K walk/run was coordinated by the HEART and Pre-Health Clubs at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. On May 2, 2015, approximately 100 people joined together to raise money for POTS research and awareness about POTS.  We were thrilled that six people with POTS were present, with a variety of physical abilities. It was a great opportunity to bond together and share our mutual struggle.  It was an inspiring day!

More than $4200 were raised that will be spent raising awareness in the medical community and for POTS research. We hope to continue to look for opportunities to raise awareness as we financially launch this organization.